P50 Fire Extinguisher offers up to 47% Savings On Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Costs

P50 extinguishers have been specifically designed with cost saving and highest performance in mind. P50 are service-free fire extinguishers which eliminate the need for a 3rd party servicing company to check them every year, reducing your annual maintenance costs dramatically.

No Annual Service Technician Costs

The P50 range is designed for ease of maintenance, requiring only a simple visual inspection each year. This inspection can be done by anyone, not just trained technicians, effectively eliminating all annual costs.


That's correct further savings on offer with our FREE installation service with all P50 Fire extinguishers purchased!

Reduce the Number of Extinguishers

P50 fire extinguishers are certified for use on multiple classes of fire and often have ratings that exceed traditional extinguishers of the same size, allowing you to replace two units with a single P50.

Weatherproof Construction

The P50 is not only suitable internally, it can also be stored externally. The durable design, with its stainless steel and nickel-brass head assembly, the Aramid inner core, and the UV-resistant outer shell make it weatherproof.

Kitemarked to BS EN3 by BSI

P50 fire extinguishers are CE marked, approved by LPCB, and Kitemarked by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to BS EN3, ensuring that they are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards.

10 Year Warranty, 20 Year Lifespan

The unique materials used in construction of the P50 fire extinguishers make them last for 20 years! The extinguishers are also backed by an impressive 10 year warranty. Please note that after ten years the P50 extinguishers require re-filling.

Environmentally friendly Extinguishers

P50 extinguishers can make a real contribution to your green initiatives, not only do the chemicals in the extinguisher last twice as long as in standard extinguishers, the P50 saves annual service miles by a sub-contractor and they can be recycled at the end of their 20 year life.

Manufactured in the UK

All P50 fire extinguishers are 100% UK manufactured and offer consistency, highest quality and short lead times. The factory also ensures a quick turnaround for the refill after 10 years.

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